Mining & Geotechnical Catalogue

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Standard Mining & Geotech Product Range includes:

  • SWIPS® Standard Wireline Packer SystemMining and Geotech Catalogue with shadow
  • STX-60
  • ST Well Test Tools
  • Portable Flow Meter Skids
  • Slim Hole Formation Tester
  • DuraFRAC® HP Straddle
  • DuraFRAC® Mini
  • DuraFRAC® with Dual Wall Frac Pipe
  • Impression Packers
  • Low Pressure Inflatable Packer Elements
  • ASR Flow Control Valve
  • Down-Hole Shut-In Valve (DHSIV)
  • O-Rods
  • Replacement Inflatable Packer Elements
  • Custom Made Elements

*** In addition custom made system and elements are available

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