Inflatable Bridge Plug Conveyed from a Capillary Tube Unit Enables Rigless Workover Operations in Western Australia

Case StudyA leading operator required a safety barrier solution to enable workover operations in a water disposal well located in Western Australia. The application objective was to temporarily plug the well to enable safe inspection of a well head and tubing hanger as part of preparations required to commence a plug and abandonment (P&A) campaign. IPI supplied a 5-1/2” OD Retrievable Inflatable Bridge Plug (RIBP) mounted on a 3-1/2” OD tool chassis.
Rigless RIBP conveyance on capillary tubing enabled the wellhead inspection to be carried out within the sufficient time frame to allow the operator to organize mobilization of all necessary equipment to location prior to the arrival of the workover rig. This benefit generated substantial savings in operational time as it mitigated nonproductive rig time that would have been otherwise spent waiting on last minute equipment call outs.

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