Successful Deployment of the Permanent Inflatable Bridge Plug (PIBP) in Offshore Borneo

In a significant advancement for offshore drilling and well abandonment operations, IPI Packers deployed an 8.25" Permanent Inflatable Bridge Plug (PIBP) in a recent Plug and Abandonment (P&A) campaign for a Major Oil and Gas Operator in Southeast Asia. This operation, carried out in the challenging waters of offshore Borneo, sets a new benchmark in the safety and efficiency of well abandonment processes being the first plug and abandonment project in Malaysia that use Bismuth Alloy.  Bismuth Alloy plug is V0 Rated and comply to NORSOK Standard D-010 which believe as the highest standard in safety and quality for P&A operation.

Demonstrating an exceptional commitment to innovation and rapid response, IPI Packers managed to fabricate the packers within only 5 weeks' time, a notably short timeframe across the industry. This achievement not only underscores our agility and capability in meeting urgent industry needs but also highlights our dedication to supporting our clients through efficient and timely project execution.

 The 8.25” OD PIBP, was set in a 22" open hole, highlighting the expansion capability and robustness of the technology in varying well conditions. Serving as a foundational base, this plug back enabled the subsequent deployment of a Bismuth alloy directly on top, ensuring a secure and permanent seal for the abandoned well.