IPI Packers Contact


Asia Pacific 

Singapore (Head office)
Phone: +65 8322 1845
Email:  info@ipipackers.com

Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea

Perth (Factory)
Phone: +618 9204 2448
Fax: +618 9204 2449
Email:  info@ipipackers.com

North America (USA and Canada)

Montana and Houston
Phone: +1 406 446 9940
Fax: +1 406 446 1260
Email:  info@ipipackers.com

Latin America (South and Central America and Mexico)
(For Oil and Gas refer North America)

Santiago, Chile
Phone/Fax Number: +56 2 26398373
Email:  info@ipipackers.com

Europe, Middle East, CIS Countries and Africa

Sofia, Bulgaria and Amsterdam
Phone: +359 2 444 23 86
Email:  info@ipipackers.com

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