Inflatable Packers International (IPI) is a leading designer and manufacturer of down-hole products with distinctly different inflatable packer technology 

Innovation, quality and customer satisfaction

With a focus on innovation, quality and customer satisfaction, IPI inflatable packer technology serves conventional and unconventional oil and gas, mining, geothermal, water resources and geotechnical exploration. More recently packers can now operate to 150 C and 15,000 psi (not concurrent) and the "envelope" is still being pushed outwards.

Oilfield and Non-oilfield Packer Systems

IPI is a world leader in  Original Equipment Manufacture, (OEM) and Custom made Components, together with Replacement Packers for all types of inflatable packer systems including inward inflating versions.

ICP Tool

Innovative, practical and durable

IPI manufacture complete down-hole systems for hydraulic fracturing, permeability testing, formation evaluation and acid treatment with innovative, practical and durable features; well completion solutions for cementing water shut-off, screen installation and well repair; production tools include bridge plugs, pump packers and ASR Flow Control Valves.

Sales and Rental locations

IPI maintains stocking and rental locations in Australia and USA  with sales offices also in The NetherlandsBulgariaSingapore and Chile. Please contact any of our offices by phone or e-mail, or submit an online information request for a prompt response to all of your enquiries.

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