OEM & Custom Made

Click to go to the form to send an inquiry to IPIIPI packer technology is probably the most versatile of inflatable packer technologies and has many potential non-standard formats and applications (see IPI Technology).

In addition to enabling variations to standard inflatable packer product dimensions and being able to quickly engineer OEM replacements, IPI has a tradition of taking on manufacturing challenges for customers needing non-standard equipment both for our traditional markets and for other industrial applications – for surface applications or offshore. IPI’s advantages and expertise include:


Example 1
 - Part of a shipment for a major underground mining project in late 2015. Apart from stainless steel SWIPS equipment for permeability testing the equipment included innovative high pressure water flow diverter systems with inward inflating packers and dedicated control units [a design inspired by oilfield technology] together with inflatable plug and abandonment packers and stainless steel monitoring packers.

A Diverter Insert was replacement OME Safety Equipment

Example 2 – A “diverter insert‮ was replacement OEM safety equipment for an offshore drilling rig utilizing inward inflating technology.


Example 3 – 1.8m diameter pile reforming packer used for Goodwin A project. Design by Clem Rowe, Production Team leader Dave Knell. Picture courtesy AGE Developments Pty Ltd.